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SEAG Practice Papers (School Editions)

SEAG Practice Papers (School Edition)

All schools that order SEAG Practice Papers will receive the exclusive ‘School Edition’ sets which are NOT for sale in our website shop.

Exclusive content: The comprehensions and questions do NOT appear on the parents/tutors Home Edition sets which are available from our website shop. 
Schools exclusive: These papers are NOT for sale on our website shop. Therefore, they can only be ordered by schools. Being an exclusive product, teachers know their pupils will not have completed any of these papers at home or with a private tutor.

P6 School Edition: New for 2024, these papers have shorter comprehensions and fewer difficult maths questions. These were specifically developed for use before moving on to the more difficult P7 papers. These will be released in batches of 6 papers from early 2024.
P7 School Edition: This is our original set of SEAG Practice Papers (Schools Edition) which were released in 2023. These papers were specifically developed for use in P7, ideally during the months/weeks leading up to the actual test. Since their initial release, we have corrected all reported typos and errors. Any questions which were determined to be ambiguous or unsuitable have also been improved or replaced.

Please visit our school orders page and complete the form in order to receive a quotation or place an order.

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