PDF Download – SEAG Practice Papers 1-6 (P6 Home Edition)

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PDF Download – SEAG Practice Papers 1-6 (P6 Home Edition)


6 Practice Papers
NOT used by schools
Practice Section included
Answers + explanations
Instant PDF download

P6 Home Edition

Released in 2024, our SEAG Practice Papers (P6 Home Edition) have shorter comprehensions and more straightforward maths questions to ease children into using practice papers before moving on to our more difficult P7 Home Edition Practice Papers. They are ideal to use while your child is in P6 and the summer holidays before P7. 

6 SEAG Practice Papers – SEAG Practice Papers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 (P6 Home Edition).
NOT used by Schools – Schools that order from us use our completely different sets of ‘School Edition‘ Practice Papers.
Format of Actual Test – All papers follow the SEAG’s Format & Specification for their Entrance Assessment.
Practice Section included – All papers have the ‘English Practice Test’ and ‘Maths Practice Test’ sections before the ‘Main Test’. 
Answers provided with explanations – All answers are provided with an explanation on why it is the correct answer.

PDF Download

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The Practice Test (10 questions)

  • The Practice Test is designed to help children settle before the Main Test begins on the day of the test.
  • The Practice Test is not assessed.
  • 5 English Questions
  • 5 Maths Questions

The Main Test

56 questions to be completed in 60 minutes. 28 English questions, then 28 maths questions.

The English Main Test (28 questions)

  • Punctuation Exercise (5 multiple choice questions)
  • Grammar Exercise (5 multiple choice questions)
  • Spelling Exercise (5 multiple choice questions)
  • English Comprehension: poem, fiction or non-fiction (7 multiple choice & 6 free response questions)

The Maths Main Test (28 questions)

  • 22 multiple choice
  • 6 free response questions

Visit the SEAG Website to see their samples and see how our practice papers follow the format of the actual test.


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    PDF Download – SEAG Practice Papers 1-6 (P6 Home Edition)