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School Orders

Schools should NOT purchase any products from our website shop. All school orders are processed manually.

Order Steps

  1. Complete the quotation form at the bottom of this page.
  2. We email you your school’s quotation.
  3. You reply to the email confirming you would like to proceed with the order.
  4. We start to process your order right away and email you back as soon as your order is processed.
  5. If your school wants to pay using iProcurement you also need raise the order on the Education Authority’s system. We will then invoice the EA as soon as we receive the purchase order number (usually next working day).


  • Licence orders are ready by the same working day or the following morning at the latest (Mon-Fri).
  • Orders for printed sets usually take 2-3 days for delivery, larger bespoke orders take about a week to be delivered.


  • iProcurement – Your school raises the order on iProcurement after receiving the quotation and we then invoice the EA as soon as we receive the purchase order number (usually next working day).
  • For payment by LMS, bank transfer or cheques we will email you the invoice when your order is processed.
  • Payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date.

SEAG Papers (School Editions)

All schools who place an order for SEAG Practice Papers will receive our exclusive ‘School Edition’ sets which are NOT for sale in our website shop.

Exclusive content: None of the comprehensions or questions on these papers appear on the Home Edition sets available for parents to purchase from our website shop. 
Schools exclusive: These papers are not for sale on our website shop and can only be ordered by schools preparing their pupils for the SEAG test. Therefore teachers know their pupils will not have completed any of these papers at home or with a private tutor.

P6 School Edition: New for 2024, these papers have shorter comprehensions and fewer difficult maths questions. These were specifically developed for use before moving on to the more difficult P7 papers. These will be released in batches of 6 papers from early 2024.
P7 School Edition: Released in 2023 this is our original set of SEAG Practice Papers (Schools Edition) for use in P7 the months/weeks leading up to the actual test. All reported typos and errors have since been corrected and we have also improved or replaced any questions deemed ambiguous or unsuitable.

Annual Licence (PDF Download)

Schools or teachers who would like to use our products online, in the classroom, in after school clubs or to send home can purchase a licence which would permit your school to print/share our products for use by a predetermined number of your pupils throughout the calendar year.
Upon placing an order we would provide your school with licensed versions of our Practice Papers and/or Revision Booklets in PDF format so your school can easily print as many copies as required or use online. Get a quote.

Licence Terms & Conditions

  • A licence permits your school to print copies of the provided PDFs for sole use by a specified number of pupils throughout a calendar year.
  • Your school does not have permission to reproduce, lend, share, copy or distribute any printed or digital PDFs copies of the PDF files to any other persons.
  • Your school does not have permission to use, share, lend, sell, print, copy or distribute the PDF or any existing digital or hard copies of the PDFs after the licence has expired.
  • Each annual licence expires when the final test paper has been sat by the P7 pupils.
  • A licence must be renewed annually should you wish to continue using our products each year.

Printed Sets

If your school would prefer to order hard copies instead of printing the PDFs yourselves we can fulfil bulk print orders at reduced rates.

Request a quote

Please complete the form below to receive your school’s quote.

e.g. principal, P6 teacher, school secretary
Please provide your school or c2kni email address.
Please select which product(s) you would like a quote for.

The following products are currently being developed and all preorders will be delivered as soon as they are completed.
P6 papers will be released in batches of 6 from early February 2024.
New P7 papers will be released in time for use in P7.
Our new SEAG Revision Booklets will be released around Easter.
We will be offering schools 2 versions of our practice papers, with or without the 'Practice Section'.

Version 1 will not include the 'Practice Section' at the beginning of each Practice Paper.
Version 2 will include the 'Practice Section' at the beginning of each Practice Paper.

Please let us know which version you would like.
You can also choose to have a mixture of both versions across each set of papers.
Please enter in the number of pupils preparing for the November 2024 SEAG test.
Please select which format(s) you would like quotes for.
If you would like to provide any additional information, have any questions regarding the quote, or would like to receive multiple quotes (e.g. Quote 1: SEAG Papers only; Quote 2: SEAG Papers + Revision Booklets) then please enter the details in this box.
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