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Revision Booklets 1-5

Revision Booklets covering topics that could appear on the SEAG Entrance Assessment.
Learn topics in a gradual and easy way.
Revision Booklets 1-5 have not been changed for the SEAG test – Revision Booklet Sample
Scroll down the page to see the contents of Each SEAG Revision Booklet.

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    Contents of Revision Booklets 1-5

    Revision Booklet 1

    Contents: 44 pages of questions & answers
    Maths Topics: Place Value, Sequences, x 10 x100, Function Machines, Missing Boxes, Use these calculations, Tick the correct answer, Word Problems
    English Grammar: Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs

    Revision Booklet 2

    Contents: 45 pages of questions & answers
    Maths Topics: Algebra, Patterns, Money, Special Numbers, Fractions, Percentages, Decimals, Length
    English Comprehension: Fiction, Poems
    English Grammar: Parts of speech, Past and present tense

    Revision Booklet 3

    Contents: 49 pages of questions & answers
    Maths Topics: Weight, Capacity, Temperature, Time, Perimeter, Area, Area of a Triangle, Shape
    English Comprehension: Non-fiction, Fiction
    English Grammar: Alphabetical order, Plurals

    Revision Booklet 4

    Contents: 48 pages of questions & answers
    Maths Topics: 2D Shape, 3D Shape, Nets, Volume, Angles, Angles of Triangles and Quadrilaterals, Coordinates
    English Comprehension: Non-fiction, Poems
    English Grammar: Apostrophes, Homonyms

    Revision Booklet 5

    Contents: 45 pages of questions & answers
    Maths Topics: Averages, Bar Chart, Line Graph, Pie Chart, Venn Diagram, Frequency Table, Decision Tree, Probability
    English Comprehension: Fiction, Poems
    English Grammar: Opposites, Similes

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