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Information & Help with the Northern Ireland Transfer Test

Key Dates

The Northern Ireland Transfer Test Key Dates

Key Dates 2015/16

Dates for the 2015/16 cycle will be announced around April/May 2015.

Key Dates 2014/15

Below are the important dates for those children preparing to sit either transfer test in 2014 to gain entry to year 8 Grammar Schools in 2015.

AQE 2014/15 Timetable (.doc)
PPTC Timetable (pdf)
Transfer Process 2015 (Government Website)
Department of Education Transfer Process - 'Advice for Parents of Children in Primary Six' (pdf)

Registration Opens
1st May 2014: AQE Registration forms available.
6th May 2014: AQE Registration Opens
19th May 2014: PPTC Assessment Registration Opens

Registration Closes
12th Sep 2014: AQE Assessment Applications Closes
26th Sep 2014: PPTC Assessment Registration Closes (2pm)
24th Nov 2014: PPTC Supplementary Entrance Assessment Registration Closes (2pm)

Assessment Dates
8th Nov 2014: AQE 1st Assessment (CEA)
15th Nov 2014: PPTC Assessments (GL)
22nd Nov 2014: AQE 2nd Assessment (CEA)
29th Nov 2014: AQE 3rd Assessment (CEA)
6th Dec 2014: PPTC Supplementary Entrance Assessment (GL)

Access/Special Circumstances Dates
19th Sep 2014: AQE Access Forms (ACC14) submission deadline.
September/October 2014: AQE Access decision - candidate's parent/guardian notified.
12th Dec 2014: PPTC Special Circumstances Registration Closes (2pm).

31st Jan 2015: AQE Assessment (CEA) Results arrive at children’s homes
31st Jan 2015: PPTC Assessment (GL) Results arrive at children’s homes
AQE & PPTC Results letters are posted 1st class on Friday 30th of January and should arrive the next day (Saturday 31st Jan). Parents worried about late post may wish to contact the Post Office to make alternative arrangements.

13th Feb 2015: AQE Assessment (CEA) re-mark application form submission deadline.
13th Feb 2015: PPTC Assessment (GL) re-mark requests deadline (2pm).
Feb/Mar 2015: AQE Assessment (CEA) re-mark results.

Pupils apply to Schools
Feb/March 2015: Primary principals will hold meetings with parents and complete Transfer Forms for post-primary education. Transfer Forms will be sent to ELBs/ESA.

School Allocation
May/June 2015 - Parents are informed by the relevant Education and Library Board of the school that their child has been allocated to. Each Board may notify parents on different dates.


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